Music in the year 2010

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YES,So i finally am writing this post about hindi music in the year,something I understand and don’t understand at the same time.But anyway,Just to have some fun,I decided to make a list of my top 5 songs of  2010.I got excited when I thought of writing about this,not realizing what hard task I’ve involved myself into,BECAUSE LADIES AND GENTLEMEN,the music in the year 2010 was sensational.Having said that,it was’nt the best year for big music directors.A.R.Rehman,Vishal-Shekhar,Shanker-Ehsan-loy getting away with some forgettable tracks,byr nevertheless,the music created by some other famous and not so famous names was great.

Fast and disco tracks took a backseat and gave way to soft,sufi and soothing numbers to rule the year.Not to forget,the best tracks of the year had that peculiar “Indian-ness” to them which made them distinct from all the soft tracks we’ve heard year after year.Whoever said young people are zipping away from the indian music clearly has no idea about the year 2010.So,getting back to the list I made with enormous difficulty.The funny thing is that I had absolutely no problem in deciding the number 1 position,it was deciding the rest of the slots that played with my head.



“Dil sa koi kameena nahin / koi to roke, koi to toke / Iss umar mein ab khaoge dhokhe”,Some real gem of a line line these make this song Timeless.Possibly the best in last decade,DIl to Bachcha hai je is one of those songs,which itself  is enough to sell the movie.Rahat Fateh Ali khan gives his soul to the song as if the song was describing his own condition(relax,he’s just 35 years old by the way).If you want to judge what brilliance Rahat has displayed in the song,then try singing it yourself or make any good singer you know sing it,then you’ll know what Rahat has done to the song.Talking about the creator of this song,Vishal Bharadwaj has always been my favourite.And for even a loyal fan like me,this song came as a surprise because even I did’nt expect him to compose quality.The song starts with a backpiper kind of a sound seemingly European,and we’re hooked.WOW.The real hero of the song is someone,who saves his best work for Vishal Bhardwaj.THE GULZAR.The lyrics are jaw dropping.Gulzar truly makes this song unforgettable,speaking of how the heart never ages and vulnerability of old age.It does’nt get better than this.This song is art at it’s best.And who won’t be ready to die for Nasser saab’s expression in the song.

2) Munni Badnaam – Dabangg

WHAT A firecracker.The best thing about this song is that you just don’t know why you are swept away by the sheer force of this song.You don’t know if this song is good or not,and honestly,you just don’t care,because this song really is filled with ALL THAT AWESOMENESS.Salman’s expression in the picture defines the song : FUN,CATCHY,ENERGETIC,WILD and FORCEFUL.

Anupama chopra(wife of Vidhu Vinod Chopra) wrote on twitter : “Going to get killed for posting this but as we speak, Mr. Chopra is wandering around the house humming: Munni badnam hui darling tere liye!”…

Munni Badnaam is still very innovative when in comes to lyrics,music(composed and written by Lalit of Jatin-Lalit fame) and ofcourse the picturization.But to be fair,the music is rock solid and very very catch.Plus the song is incredibly well sung.The energy quotient of the song is extremely high and first hearing is enough to tell you that this will be nothing less than a chartbuster.Turns out that this song went on to become the biggest chartbuster of 2010.


Possible the most unconventional song to be in this,or any list,this is a difficult song to like(initially).This song needs some attention and some time.I think it can be classified as a “teekha” melody.A romantic song which is not meetha,now that something not often heard.This song grows on you.It is well paced,melodious with a strong sufi influence.Rahat Ali khan in top form,portrays an effortless singing.But for me,the best part is the version sung by shreya ghoshal.Giving the song a great new depth,her small part in the song is fantastic and comes out as the one of the best playback performace of the year.Really,an experiment turned out great.The lyrics are strictly hindi,and not just regular hindi,the type of earthy hindi used in the songs of 80’s and 90’s.Sajid-Wajid have finally arrived with this song(AND YES,THEY WON EVERY POSSIBLE BEST MUSIC DIRECTOR AWARD AND THIS SONG IS THE REASON BEHIND THAT).

4) TUM JO AAYE  – Once upon a time in Mumbai

Set in the 70s, ‘Tum Jo Aaye‘ is a quintessential Bollywood track where Tulsi Kumar leads from the front. Even though Rahat Fateh Ali Khan is also roped in for the song, he arrives only two minutes into the song. Yes, Tulsi does fine in giving the song a kick start but Rahat’s entry brings an altogether different dimension to this love song which has elements of ‘qawalli’ to it. It’s real easy on the ears,and sounds simple.But possible the toughest songs to sing and get it right.Rahat Fateh Ali khan redefines his epitome of effortless singing.This song reminds us,that despite all the allegations and charges,WE LOVE PRITAM.

5) Gal Mitth Mitthi Bol – Aisha

Now you don’t have to be an expert to figure out how rocking this song is.It’s a winner from the word GO.Amit Trivedi,the national award winner shows us his version of punjabi music.And even though,this song is one of those instantly catchy punjabi “burn the dance floor” type of songs,it’s the high pumping bass behind the song and the club beats which make this song a chartbuster.



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Just as the printing press in the fourteenth century and photography in the nineteenth century had a revolutionary impact on the development of modern society and culture, today we are in the middle of a new media revolution — the shift of all culture to computer-mediated forms of production, distribution and communication. This new revolution is arguably more profound than the previous ones, and we are just beginning to register its initial effects. Indeed, the introduction of the printing press affected only one stage of cultural communication — the distribution of media. Similarly, the introduction of photography affected only one type of cultural communication — still images. In contrast, the computer media revolution affects all stages of communication, including acquisition, manipulation, storage, and distribution; it also affects all types of media — texts, still images, moving images, sound, and spatial constructions…How shall we begin to map out the effects of this fundamental shift?
Lev Manovich, The Language of New Media (2001)

Why people are getting DABANGG-ED

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  1. Dabangg  is not a Masala Movie, its a Bhut Jolokia of Masala movies.
  2. There are 10 new dance steps to learn and practice for Ganapati Visarajan.
  3. Action and Stunts, that would make Rajnikanth feel proud of Salman.
  4. One can wear Goggles behind your shirt and still look cool.
  5. Sonakshi Sinha’s is the find of the year .
  6. For super creative names like Chulbul, Makkhi, Robinhood Pandey,Cheddi Singh.
  7. Mindless and super entertaining dialogues.
  8. Zandu Balm – Munni Badnaam Hui –  item Number.
  9. For an uber cool Matrix Moment, where Salman avoids Glass pieces.
  10. Rahat Fateh Ali Khan’s song Tere Mast Mast do Nain, which will be implanted in your head so badly that you will singing it without you even knowing it .
  11. Tere mast mast do nain picturisation ,Chulbul pandey even in his dreams can’t immagine himself doing anything other  than his “lofar” dance which wins you over.
  12. Everyone is a fighting a tough battle with  zindagi, Dabangg is the perfect Zandu Balm and Combiflam for us.
  13. A must watch unless you are a self proclaimed intellectual(in which case you must have seen Kaminey at least 50 times)
  14. For the epic scene of the year ” Hum tumme itne ched karenge,ki confuse(read con-phi-you-je) ho jaoge ki saas kahan se lein,aur paadein kahan se”..and chulbul pandey burts into a laughter relishing his own line….innovative.
  15. This film proves that you can speak typical UP-Bihar lingo and look super cool.
  16. No Salman film is complete/blockbuster without his shirt-less scene and this film has one such gem towards the end.No wonder UP cinema theaters are witnessing  chaos these days.
  17. Chulbul Pandey aka Robinhood pandey zindabaad.
  18. Try to find a novel storyline and there is nothing great in Dabangg. Try to find Salman Khan and there is nothing else in Dabangg.
  19. Because the film delivers more than it promised.(I expected 150 percent and got 300 percent…)
  20. Because If there is something called “single screen theatre experience”…than you can only experience it with Dabangg.

In the end I would like to say that it remains unknown if people are getting DABANGG-ED or getting


p.s – “Hum yahan ke Robinhood hain……Robinhood Pandey”


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First of all I am ashamed to admit that today,after more than a month of release,I saw Inception for the first(but not the last) time.So two things are understood…one that the film is a masterpiece and two,that I didn’t fully understand it.Another confession,I knew most of the story(not the masterstroke ending..thank god I did’nt read that part),and still the movie challenged me just like a matador does to an angry bull.The bull desparately wants to rip-open the red cloth,but the matador flawlessly defeats the bull.Same is the case with inception,but the difference with inception is that you feel happy to be defeated by the brilliance Nolan has created onscreen.There is no way(and I mean NO WAY IN HELL) anyone could have possibly have even come closer to even try to think about making something even close to the lines of inception’s theme.Hats off to the genius filmmaker.

Lucid dreaming is an untouched and quite frankly a bit unknown theme.Inception starts from there.But then whatever Nolan does,is generally done by Nolan only,and that to perfection.So we have our hero,Dom Cobb(incidentally Cobb means dream in sanskrit,hindi and punjabi) is the master thief,just that he actually does not steal anything,just a little resilient parasite called idea.That is his job.He with his teammates Arthur(played brilliantly by Joseph Gordon-Lewitt) Ariadne(Ellen Page) and some other characters(not really important,even though they are much better than the lead in most pathetic hyped movies).So these people steal ideas from a victim’s mind when the victim is dreaming.The start of the movie totally turns their game around.(CAUTION: pay very attention to the starting 25mins of the film,otherwise you might just walk out because you will understand nothing at all throughout)So their game turns around and now they have to do the opposide of what they generally do,they have to plant an idea(instead of stealing) in the victim’s mind.CONFUSED??…if yes,that that is a good sign.How on earth can anyone plant an idea in someone’s mind without the person knowing where the idea came from.The act has to go deep into the person’s subconscious.The rest of the movie follows this unpredictable track.Another advice,look for small little clues throughout the movie.

Think of inception as a riddle,and great riddle,an interesting.You are getting the clues throughout the movie.And how do you win this riddle… don”t,because you can’t understand it in the first viewing.SO why watch inception?Because it will blow your minds.Because even though you can’t win this riddle,but you still can solve it,by watching it again till you fully understand.Trust me,the happiness you will feel once you understand the movie is just like a child who plays a video game again and again and again,losing the game again and again but everytime doing better.Then finally he completes the game.Technically he did’nt win,it took him many occasions to complete the game,but in his mind,he won.And tomorrow,the child can proudly tell his friends,”Guys,I’ve done,i won the game”.Inception brings the same magic.

The performances are all great.A mention to Leo,he proves again why is is one of the biggest superstar.His character goes through loads of stuff and he displays all that with splendid emotional quotient.A special mention to the jaw dropping scene of the film when Arthur fights in zero gravity inside the hotel.And nope,no special effects or CGI were used for that spectacular scene.Another mention to Hans Zimmer,the genius who scored the music score for the film.The score is as intense as the film.Compliments it perfectly.

Christoper Nolan,yes he has over done himself.Everyone asked,how on earth can anyone follow up the dark knight,inception has slapped a strong answer to those(I am one of them).Nolan,by making inception has planted a seed in our minds,and the seed says that he is god’s gift to not only cinema,but human intelligence.


Initial start(le)

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So I am trying to blog,but the most difficult part is to how to go about blogging.Either I can follow the conventional rules of blogging which would require a theme and something which would make me sound intelligent…I rather not.I would rather write whatever rubbish is going through my mind than try to sound intelligient…

Hello world!

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Now where do I start from…