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First of all I am ashamed to admit that today,after more than a month of release,I saw Inception for the first(but not the last) time.So two things are understood…one that the film is a masterpiece and two,that I didn’t fully understand it.Another confession,I knew most of the story(not the masterstroke ending..thank god I did’nt read that part),and still the movie challenged me just like a matador does to an angry bull.The bull desparately wants to rip-open the red cloth,but the matador flawlessly defeats the bull.Same is the case with inception,but the difference with inception is that you feel happy to be defeated by the brilliance Nolan has created onscreen.There is no way(and I mean NO WAY IN HELL) anyone could have possibly have even come closer to even try to think about making something even close to the lines of inception’s theme.Hats off to the genius filmmaker.

Lucid dreaming is an untouched and quite frankly a bit unknown theme.Inception starts from there.But then whatever Nolan does,is generally done by Nolan only,and that to perfection.So we have our hero,Dom Cobb(incidentally Cobb means dream in sanskrit,hindi and punjabi) is the master thief,just that he actually does not steal anything,just a little resilient parasite called idea.That is his job.He with his teammates Arthur(played brilliantly by Joseph Gordon-Lewitt) Ariadne(Ellen Page) and some other characters(not really important,even though they are much better than the lead in most pathetic hyped movies).So these people steal ideas from a victim’s mind when the victim is dreaming.The start of the movie totally turns their game around.(CAUTION: pay very attention to the starting 25mins of the film,otherwise you might just walk out because you will understand nothing at all throughout)So their game turns around and now they have to do the opposide of what they generally do,they have to plant an idea(instead of stealing) in the victim’s mind.CONFUSED??…if yes,that that is a good sign.How on earth can anyone plant an idea in someone’s mind without the person knowing where the idea came from.The act has to go deep into the person’s subconscious.The rest of the movie follows this unpredictable track.Another advice,look for small little clues throughout the movie.

Think of inception as a riddle,and great riddle,an interesting.You are getting the clues throughout the movie.And how do you win this riddle… don”t,because you can’t understand it in the first viewing.SO why watch inception?Because it will blow your minds.Because even though you can’t win this riddle,but you still can solve it,by watching it again till you fully understand.Trust me,the happiness you will feel once you understand the movie is just like a child who plays a video game again and again and again,losing the game again and again but everytime doing better.Then finally he completes the game.Technically he did’nt win,it took him many occasions to complete the game,but in his mind,he won.And tomorrow,the child can proudly tell his friends,”Guys,I’ve done,i won the game”.Inception brings the same magic.

The performances are all great.A mention to Leo,he proves again why is is one of the biggest superstar.His character goes through loads of stuff and he displays all that with splendid emotional quotient.A special mention to the jaw dropping scene of the film when Arthur fights in zero gravity inside the hotel.And nope,no special effects or CGI were used for that spectacular scene.Another mention to Hans Zimmer,the genius who scored the music score for the film.The score is as intense as the film.Compliments it perfectly.

Christoper Nolan,yes he has over done himself.Everyone asked,how on earth can anyone follow up the dark knight,inception has slapped a strong answer to those(I am one of them).Nolan,by making inception has planted a seed in our minds,and the seed says that he is god’s gift to not only cinema,but human intelligence.



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